My nighttime eating struggles

I’ve always thought of myself as being healthy, so it pains me to think I might be struggling with nighttime eating. My biggest problem is late-night snacking. I find that if I haven’t eaten enough throughout the day, when night falls and everyone else around me is done with dinner, I start to get ravenous.

Eating can become a way for me to cope with stress or take comfort when nothing else seems to work. The cravings can be so hard to resist! But every time I cave in and head to the fridge after dinner, I inevitably regret it later on. Not only does my midnight snack add calories that make it harder for me to maintain a healthy weight, but it also makes it harder for me to fall asleep afterwards.

I know I need to break this unhealthy habit of nighttime eating – it’s just a matter of coming up with strategies and techniques that will help me combat those late-night cravings and stick with healthier meal plans during the day. I’m determined to figure out a way to enjoy better sleep and healthier habits in the long run!