My mental health trauma: a personal story

These last few years have been difficult. I’m not sure I’ve fully realized the extent of my mental health trauma until recently. It all began with a traumatic event I experienced that shook me to my core and forever changed my life. The pain, confusion, guilt and fear that came from this moment in time can never be taken away nor forgotten no matter how hard I try.

Since then, navigating life has become more challenging as it is filled with triggers which lead to anxiety, insomnia or uncontrollable fear. It can be paralyzing at times and that in itself is traumatizing. With a deep caring heart full of compassion for myself I now strive to break free from its hold on me but it’s not easy to escape the prison of trauma when your mind is constantly trying to protect you from danger by keeping you stuck in a cycle of fear.

My journey towards healing has been one of triumphs and defeats as I learn more about emotions, how they shape us and why it’s important to recognize that we’re not alone in our struggles. Taking back some sort of control has been empowering however there are times where self-doubt casts a shadow over every victory making it hard to remain motivated on this path of recovery. Despite any setbacks along this emotional roller coaster, I continue my pursuit towards mental wellness acceptance so that I might live the life I truly deserve once again on the other side - free from trauma’s grasp at last!