My mental health struggles: recognizing severe ptsd

I recently came to the realization that I have severe PTSD. It’s been a long and difficult process to get here, and it wasn’t easy for me to admit something was wrong.

Seeing traumatic events in my life replay over and over in my head was so overwhelming sometimes I thought I would go crazy. My thoughts were like torture, preventing me from carrying out my day-to-day tasks effectively. They made me feel like a prisoner in my own mind, isolated from the world around me.

I went through many barriers before coming to terms with my mental health struggles, including fear of judgment and denial. It took a lot of courage to finally face reality and accept that this was an issue I can no longer ignore. With the help of a caring therapist, I’ve started seeking treatment for my condition, which I’m finding provides considerable relief from the symptoms that cause me distress.

Mental health issues can be so debilitating if not addressed in time, but getting help is not something we should be ashamed of or afraid to seek. We all battle our own demons in life - recognizing what you’re going through is an incredibly huge step towards healing yourself!