My mental health story : trauma informed care

I’ve had experiences in my life that have taken a toll on my mental health. From childhood traumas to living with anxiety and depression later on in adulthood, I have faced challenges when it comes to taking care of my mental wellness.

When I first started seeking mental health support, I had no idea about the term “trauma-informed care” and what that meant for me. It took some time to learn, through books, blogs, and conversations with professionals, how trauma shapes who we are today, and how essential it is to practice trauma-informed self-care in order move forward in life.

Through therapy and medication, as well as lifestyle changes like mindful movement practices like yoga and breath work, I have been able to understand the underlying issues.�These revelations allowed me to stay in tune more with myself on a daily basis.

For anyone who has faced similar challenges: find something that works specifically for you—whether it’s therapy or other forms of healing modalities—and make sure you take the time out everyday to take good care of yourself. That is truly the most important step toward a healthier mental space.