My mental health story: childhood trauma

My mental health story is a winding road of twists and turns. It began when I was a child, although I wasn’t aware of it at the time. It started with exposure to traumatic experiences within my family home environment. As my understanding developed, I came to realize that the stress and trauma I had been dealing with had slowly taken its toll on me.

This negative impact on my mental health continued into adolescence, and by that point, I was struggling to function in many areas of life. For instance, social situations were incredibly difficult — between bouts of depression and anxiety, engaging in meaningful relationships felt like a Sisyphean task.

It was only when I sought help from a professional that things truly begin to turn around for me. There were so many struggles along the way — countless setbacks and sometimes apparent lack of progress — but I am here today because I chose not to give up on myself despite these tribulations. Today, I still feel the effects of childhood trauma in certain aspects of life, but grateful that healing has been made possible for me through incredible support from family members and mental health professionals alike.

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