My mental health: obsessions and compulsions

Lately, I’ve been struggling with lingering feelings of worry and uneasiness. It can often take me hours to complete simple tasks due to my obsession with checking and double-checking. I have vivid thoughts running through my head all day, telling me that something bad might happen if I don’t actions in a very specific way.

I tend to clean surfaces multiple times as if it will make sure no harm comes to me or those around me. I also find myself counting by twos, threes or even fours, which often distracts me from the task at hand. It’s been difficult for me to stay focused on assignments because my compulsions seem like the only thing that matters in the moment.

My family has been very supportive of my mental health issues and encourage me to practice self care on a regular basis; such as eating healthy meals, exercising and getting enough sleep each night. Although it’s still a struggle, I’m confident that with time and patience I can learn more ways to keep calm during triggering moments.