My mental health: living with bpd and bipolar

I’m learning to live with both Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, like driving on a busy highway and sensing nothing but confusion and chaos.

I’ve been trying different strategies for managing my mental health, from seeing a therapist regularly to joining an online support group. I take my medications as prescribed but find that engaging in expressive activities such as painting or writing helps me keep it all together. I’m finding solace in knowing that I’m not alone and that millions of other people struggle with mental health challenges similar to mine.

Being mindful of what my body is telling me has also been important - if I start to feel overwhelmed throughout the day, I know it’s time for some “me-time”, calming down with some soft music or journaling about any negative thoughts that arise. And if it gets too much to handle on my own, I know there are resources available to offer guidance and support.

No matter how difficult things get at times, it’s always good to remember that taking care of your mental health should be your main priority.