My mental health journey with zulresso

I’ve had anxiety and depression for some time now. I thought I was managing pretty well until recently when things started to get too much and I knew I needed help. I decided to try Zulresso, an FDA-approved medication for postpartum depression.

For me, taking Zulresso enabled me to process my feelings more productively and made it easier to do the things that made me feel better like journaling, talking with friends, and getting out of the house. The days became less of a burden - soon I could find moments that were filled with comfort and joy again amidst all the stress.

Along with therapy, Zulresso has been a huge part of my mental health journey over the last few months. It’s helped me feel more like myself again which is so important when your mental health is struggling. Though there have been ups and downs as expected along this journey, it has overall been incredibly beneficial in tackling my depression and anxiety head-on.