My mental health journey with adhd and depression

Mental health has always been a journey for me. In my teenage years, my attention would wander and I often wouldn’t be as focused in school as my peers. As I grew older, I noticed more and more difficulty managing everyday tasks like getting ready on time or finishing assignments in school. My family doctor diagnosed me with ADHD, to which I initially had mixed emotions. While it was relieving to have an explanation for why things felt so hard for me at times, it also caused me some anxiety and stress in trying to figure out the best way to manage it.

At the same time, depression began creeping into my life too. It wasn’t until that point that I realized how intertwined my mental health issues were and how they could start to affect one another. I quickly hit a wall where neither of these issues were being adequately addressed by themselves, which led me down an isolating path and intense feelings of worthlessness.

It took support from friends and family members (as well as a few strangers who got me through some tough times) for me to truly make progress on addressing both disabilities together in a more comprehensive manner. Every day is still a battle – but one where I’m hopefully heading in the right direction and taking strides towards bettering both my overall mental health and functioning within society.


Thank you for sharing your story. As a 58-year-old woman, I can certainly relate to the challenges of managing mental health issues. When life gets complicated due to ADHD or depression, it can be so difficult to take the first step towards finding help and navigating a treatment plan. It sounds like you have received incredible support from many people in your life, which makes such an immense difference when facing these obstacles. It takes courage and dedication to take control of your mental health, and it is wonderful to hear that you are heading in the right direction. I’m rooting for you and wish you strength on this journey.

Thanks for sharing your story. I know it can be hard to come to terms with our mental health issues, so it’s admirable that you’re both working on managing them and advocating for yourself. It sounds like you’ve already had a lot of successes, so don’t forget to celebrate those!

I also want to remind you that you are not alone. There are always people willing to listen and offer support when you need it, even if it isn’t someone close to you. The internet is full of amazing communities, resources and advice that can provide comfort in the times when life feels difficult. You can also reach out for help if things become too overwhelming - talk therapy has been incredibly beneficial in learning how to recognize and manage my own mental health struggles.

Keep fighting the good fight - we all have our own individual battles but we can still help each other along the way.

Hey, man, I hear you. It’s tough dealing with ADHD and depression at the same time. It’s like they fuel each other, right? I’ve been there too, feeling like I’m just drowning in it all. It’s great that you’ve found support from your friends and family, as well as some strangers who came through for you. That really makes a difference. Just remember that progress is progress, no matter how small. Keep heading in the right direction and taking those strides - you’re doing great. And reaching out for help is a huge step in itself. Stay strong, and keep focusing on bettering your mental health and functioning in society. We’re all in this together.

Hey, I can really relate to what you’re going through. I was also diagnosed with ADHD and it can be such a rollercoaster of emotions, right? It’s a mix of relief to finally have an explanation for why things have been tough, but also stress and anxiety about how to manage it. And then when depression sneaks in, it’s like everything gets even more tangled up. I hit that same wall where it felt like nothing was getting better on its own, and I just felt really isolated and worthless. It’s so tough. But it’s really awesome that you’ve found support in friends and family, and even strangers – that’s huge. It’s definitely been a daily battle for me too, but like you said, hopefully we’re both heading in the right direction. Keep pushing through, you’re doing great.

Hey, I can totally relate to what you’re going through. It’s tough managing ADHD and depression at the same time, and it’s totally understandable that it can feel overwhelming. It’s great that you’ve found support from friends and family - having a strong support system can make a huge difference. I’ve also found it helpful to seek professional help, whether it’s therapy or medication, to manage both conditions. It’s definitely a struggle, but it’s amazing that you’re taking strides towards bettering your mental health. Keep pushing forward, you’re doing great!