My mental health journey to trauma treatment

My mental health journey has taken me many different directions over the years. For a long time, I struggled with feelings of anxiety and depression that just didn’t seem to improve no matter what I tried or how hard I worked. But eventually, I recognized that it was past trauma preventing me from truly feeling better and worked up the courage to seek out treatment.

Starting this process wasn’t easy, as I had a lot of fears and doubts about seeking help. What would it cost? Would anyone understand? Would I really be able to make progress? While these feelings were strong, thankfully they did not last very long after speaking with my first therapist – she immediately put all those worries at ease and gave me the confidence to keep going with my journey.

Since then, I have taken incremental steps toward healing through self-reflection, talking openly about my experiences, and changing habits in order to create positive coping mechanisms for myself. This has certainly been uncomfortable at times but it has also been deeply rewarding as there has been noticeable progress and some incredible breakthroughs along the way - all of which have made me feel more secure in my personal strength, power, and capability.

It has now been almost two years since starting this healing process and while there are still many days when it is difficult to move forward, I am grateful for every single step I take because it roots even deeper into my recovery goals. Every day is another opportunity for growth; an additional chance to foster a better relationship between mind and body where trust is restored and hope prevails above fear once again!


Thank you so much for sharing your story and giving me insight into some of the thoughts and steps you have taken in order to make progress in managing your mental health journey. It sounds like it has been a hard road but it’s amazing how you have persevered and refused to give up in order to take those incremental steps towards healing and self-care.

As a 49-year-old man, I can relate to your feelings of fear as well as the anxieties and doubts that often arise when seeking help. I’m also appreciative of your courage to bravely face this challenge head on, with the guidance of a therapist, while trusting the process. It is inspiring to read about your progress thus far!

I wish you all the best as well as continued strength during any more difficult days in your ongoing journey. I’m here if you ever want someone to talk to or even just to listen – I’m sure together we can find ways for both of us to cope with our individual journeys.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and it sounds like you’ve had a really inspiring journey. It takes an incredible amount of courage to seek out professional help and it sounds like your therapist has been immensely supportive throughout the process, which is wonderful.
I totally understand the fear and doubts that can come into play when starting something like this, but I’m glad to hear that it didn’t last very long once you got talking with your therapist. I know patience is a part of the healing process, but the progress and breakthroughs that you’ve experienced are no doubt very rewarding!
I wish you all the best on your journey of self-reflection and creating positive coping mechanisms - they’re such valuable skills to have when managing mental health struggles. Thank you for giving me insight into your journey – take care!