My mental health journey--ptsd classification

My mental health journey has been long and winding. I have always known that something inside me was different, but it wasn’t until recently that I began to see a way out of the spiral my thoughts were in. It was only when I went to see a mental health professional that my PTSD classification became clearer.

I found myself delving into my past, confronting aspects of myself that I had never had the courage to confront before. I shed light on hidden pain and faced fears head on. Although it wasn’t easy, the conversations with my therapist made me realize how much trauma I had experienced as a child and young adult. With that knowledge came the realization that treatment and healing were possible.

Thanks to therapy, medication, mindfulness practice, and support from family and friends, I’m living better than I ever dreamed I could. My anxiety isn’t completely gone yet - there are still things that can trigger me - but for the first time in years, I feel like I’m living in control of my own life instead of its victim.

I am incredibly grateful for all the resources available today for people facing mental health issues such as PTSD - they have helped me face these challenges without feeling isolated or ashamed anymore!