My mental health journey in the six nations

I grew up in a culture that generally viewed mental health struggles as “taboo” - something to be swept under the rug and hidden away. This feeling of shame and stigma kept me from getting the help I needed to navigate my own mental health journey.

When I reached adulthood, I began to see the importance of respecting my own wellbeing and reaching out for support when I needed it. I ended up finding solace in traditional teachings within my Six Nations community, specifically relating to medicine plants. These ancient practices helped me create a bridge between honoring my spirit and accessing modern forms of healing such as therapy and self-care.

My journey has taught me that healing is a lifelong process, but that it’s rewarding when you take the first step towards true self-love and authentic personal growth. Mental health remains a complex topic within my culture, so I’m doing what I feel is right; fighting for necessary conversations around ordinary struggles like depression, anxiety, PSTD, etc., In order to make real progress for ourselves and future generations.