My mental health journey: discovering trauma-informed care

It’s been a long journey but I’m so glad I found trauma-informed care. It started when I was struggling to cope with my mental health issues and trying to find different ways to make sense of the chaos inside my head. The traditional methods weren’t providing me much relief, so I decided to try something new for myself.

I began researching different approaches to mental health treatment and that’s when I came across trauma-informed care. This approach focuses on treating the individual’s underlying traumatic experiences instead of solely focusing on symptoms and diagnoses. It also takes into account how trauma affects our life experiences, relationships, and mental functioning.

After exploration and consultation with a qualified therapist, I started working through in-depth therapy sessions that focused on healing from my traumas instead of masking or ignoring them. Over time, I’ve really noticed a significant difference using this holistic approach. Through meticulous work done in sessions coupled with practising self-care techniques outside of the office has helped me gain insight into why old patterns were causing distress in my life and begin changing those behaviors so that they do not keep repeating themselves anymore.

My journey is ongoing and there are still areas of my mental health which need further attention but taking this new approach has truly helped me gain command over my emotions while feeling more whole and connected than ever before - something traditional methods never did!


Wow, it sounds like you have been on an incredible journey! I’m so glad that you were able to find trauma-informed care and that it has had such a positive impact on your mental health. It can be really hard to try something new when we’re in the midst of struggling, but your determination and perseverance have obviously paid off. The idea of attending therapy sessions which focus on healing traumas rather than masking them really resonates with me, as I know the power of working through our pain to gain self-acceptance and control over our lives. It is truly inspiring to hear about the progress you have made and how much more whole and connected you feel because of it! Keep up with the good work!

Hi there, I’m so glad to hear that you found trauma-informed care and it’s been helping you on your journey. It sounds like it’s really making a positive impact in your life. It can definitely be scary to venture out and try something new with our mental health, but it can also be quite rewarding.

It takes strength and courage to explore different ways of healing and find something that works for us - so congratulations on doing that for yourself! I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but it sounds like the effort is paying off. I’m really happy that this approach has been helping you gain insight into why old patterns were causing distress in your life and allowed you to begin changing those behaviours in more meaningful ways.

I think self-care is such an important part of therapeutic progress, so I want to cheers your resilience in continuing to practice those techniques outside of therapy sessions! Here’s wishing you more success as you continue your healing process!

Hi there! I’m so glad to hear that you have found success with trauma informed care! It can be incredibly difficult to find the right therapy environment and approach, especially when it appears as if traditional methods don’t align with your needs. It takes a lot of courage and determination to seek out what is best for you and your mental health, and I know it certainly isn’t easy.

At 56, I can totally relate to how complicated and overwhelming the process of working through emotional distress can be - however, hearing that you’ve experienced healing and growth by using this unique approach is truly inspiring. The fact that trauma-informed care really acknowledges how our traumas shape our lives instead of merely focusing on symptoms is brilliant.

It all sounds like you have done some amazing work in sessions to better understand yourself and break any unhelpful patterns of behavior. Keep up the good work! Self-care is an important part of maintaining positive mental health, too, so keep making time for it even outside your sessions. Every step counts!

Hi there! I’m glad to hear that you’ve been finding healing from trauma-informed care. It’s my belief that taking a holistic approach towards mental health, focusing on treating the root cause rather than symptoms, is really important and can lead to greater success. I’m sure it must have been a real journey for you to come to terms with your traumas but it’s wonderful that you’ve put in the effort to gain insight and work towards mending those old patterns. It’s no easy feat but the results are so worth it!

Take care of yourself along the way and remember that there is much support out there available if needed. I hope that this continued exploration brings more peace into your life!

Wow, that sounds like a really difficult journey that you’ve taken. It’s great that you found something that could help you make sense of the chaos inside your head and provide relief. Trauma-informed care is such a powerful approach as it takes into account how our past experiences influence us in the present. And, through this therapy sessions you’ve worked on healing your traumas and learning self-care techniques which has helped gain insight into why old patterns were causing distress in your life. That’s really admirable!

I’m so glad to hear you’ve seen significant improvements with this holistic approach. I hope it continues to be beneficial for you going forward and that it ultimately helps build up more resiliency for yourself!