My mental health journey after trauma

For a long time, I have been struggling with my mental health - specifically, I’ve been dealing with issues brought on by a traumatic experience in my life. It’s been a long journey of learning to cope with the feelings and emotions that come up as a result of something like that.

I started out by attending therapy sessions where I could talk about my experience and work through the issues it caused me. The process made me realize how beneficial talking things through can be, especially when you’re not sure how to express them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with the regular sessions due to financial reasons so had to look for other routes.

One thing I found helpful was journaling and writing down my thoughts regularly. In times of distress or anxiety when I didn’t feel able to talk it out, this was an outlet that helped me work through my feelings without feeling judged or embarrassed for sharing something personal. I also made sure to take proper time for myself every day; whether it included going for a stroll in nature or just getting lost in music, these activities gave me some much needed peace and quiet after moments of chaos inside my head.

It’s not always easy to stay consistent in caring for your own mental health, especially after a difficult experience like trauma. However, if it means having even more control over what would have felt completely uncontrollable before - then it is definitely worth pursuing!