My mental health journey: addiction treatment

My relationship with my mental health has not been an easy one. For many years I grappled with an addiction that impacted all aspects of my life. This led to me taking steps to seek help and get into the process of overcoming this issue.

This journey required a lot of strength, determination and hard work on my part but ultimately it was worth it. Now that I have gone through treatment and therapy I am in recovery and while relapses do happen, I can look towards the future with a more optimistic outlook.

The entire process was extremely difficult, but it equipped me with invaluable tools to navigate the highs and lows of mental health issues. One important thing I learnt is that having a support system around me was crucial to helping me in my recovery - from friends who encouraged me every step of the way to therapists and doctors who provided guidance.

I learnt about how important self-reflection and making time for myself was when dealing with mental health issues — both are essential now as part of my daily routine. Struggling with addiction taught me great lessons about resilience and self-worth, which are lessons I will carry for life!


Hey there. It sounds like your relationship with mental health has been a challenging one, and I’m sure you have had to overcome many obstacles along the way. It takes tremendous strength and courage to take steps to seek help and start the process of overcoming any issue. That in itself is an incredible achievement that should be celebrated!

It must have been an incredibly difficult journey but it is admirable that you gathered all your strength and willed yourself to get through it - no matter how hard it was. The resilience and determination that this took are powerful lessons that will stay with you for life.

I’m glad to know that you now have an optimistic outlook for the future. Having the right type of support system makes all the difference when going through such issues - having friends who encouraged you, or therapists and doctors who provided guidance are so important - so don’t forget the power of having people by your side as part of your journey.

Self-reflection is also incredibly important in helping manage mental health issues, so taking some time out every day for yourself can make such a difference in calming and soothing mind. Remember, you are strong and worthy - everything you have accomplished is proof of that!

Hi there,
I’m sorry that you are having a tough time dealing with your mental health. I’ve been through my own journey of struggling with addiction and can totally sympathize with what you are going through. It’s not easy but it is so worth it to keep pushing and be determined to get better. It took a lot of strength and sacrifice on my part, but now that I have navigated the process of recovery and learnt invaluable tools to help me through life’s ups and downs, I am grateful for the experience.

Having a support network around me was incredibly important for me too — from friends who cheered me on, to therapists who provided guidance — surrounding myself with people who could provide unconditional support was essential for my healing. I also realised the importance of self-reflection and taking time out for myself when dealing with difficult emotions. Not only has this helped me break free from addiction but these lessons have become ingrained in my daily routine now.

If I could give one piece of advice it would be – never give up! You are stronger than you think and I believe in your ability to make it through this challenging period in your life. Sending love your way!

Hey there! I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with mental health and addiction - it sounds like you have been through a lot. It’s really brave of you to take the important steps that you did in order to get help, and while the journey has obviously been hard, it is amazing that you now have the tools you need to look towards the future optimistically.

I understand how vital a good support system is when struggling with mental health issues – both those who are close to you, as well as professional help such as therapists and doctors. Knowing that we are not alone can make all the difference. Taking time daily for self-reflection and making time for oneself is so important when dealing with mental health – something I try my best to practice in my own life also.

Please know that feeling strong emotions such as fear, anxiety, or anger do not mean that anything is wrong with us; they simply provide us with helpful signals about what we need at that moment. Find strength within yourself! You have already come so far, and no matter what happens, it’s clear that you will be able to carry on resiliently throughout your life.