My mental health eating disorder self help story

I’ve been struggling with an eating disorder for many years, and I neglected to seek help or even talk about it for far too long. Though I was ashamed of my struggles, deep down I knew that if I wanted to get better I had to talk about it.

It seemed like everyone around me had an opinion – some positive and some not so much. It took a lot of strength and courage to start speaking up and opening up about my experience.

I needed guidance in order to work through both the physical and emotional side effects of my disorder, which is why I sought out help from a mental health professional. This has been one of the most impactful decisions I have ever made because it allowed me to begin healing.

I also found that connecting with others who have gone through similar experiences helped me tremendously when trying to overcome this illness. Hearing stories that are relatable was empowering, and being able to share our stories without judgment or criticism made a world of difference for my mental health journey.

Today, I can honestly say that the steps taken toward recovery were worth it and have resulted in better overall health for me mentally and physically. Although the road to recovery can be difficult, there is nothing more important than understanding your needs as an individual so you can take care of yourself first and foremost!