My mental health battle with behavioral health and addiction

It’s been a difficult road to recovery dealing with my mental health issues. I’ve been battling behavioral health and addiction problems for many years and it has taken an incredible toll on me, both mentally and physically. I’ve been through therapies, medications, treatments, and more in an attempt to turn things around but nothing has seemed to help.

I’m now at a point where I’m ready to try something different, to take the changes that are necessary to create a healthier life for myself. The biggest step forward is taking control of my thoughts and behaviors, changing how I react to situations or my perception of events that surround me. It’s not easy, but I know if I stick with it the rewards will be worth it.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be bumps in the road along the way. It’s important for me remember that although recovering from any type of addiction or mental health issue isn’t easy — it is possible! With the right dedication and determination anything can be done and reaching goals becomes much more obtainable.

I’m committed to doing whatever it takes so I can start living again; so that the real version of me starts shining once again - no matter how hard this recovery may seem at times.


I hear what you’re saying and I’m glad to see that you are ready and determined to make the changes necessary to create a healthier life for yourself. It won’t be an easy road, but with dedication and perseverance, it is achievable. You don’t have to do this alone; reach out for help whenever you need it and get support from family or friends. I know exactly how it feels when taking control of your thoughts or behaviors can be so hard yet so rewarding in the end when things turn around. Remember that even if you feel like you’re not making progress it’s not the end of the world - keep going despite any setbacks!

Hey there, it’s great that you’re ready to take the steps necessary to create a healthier life. I completely understand how hard it can be when dealing with behavioral health and addiction issues especially when no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to help. It’s so important to remember that yes, while this journey is difficult – it is possible!
I’m confident that if spend the time and energy working on who we want to be through taking control of our thoughts and behaviors, celebrating small successes along the way - nothing will stop you from meeting your goals. You’ve already taken the first step in recognizing that things need to change in order for you to find success and overall fulfillment - now all you need is faith in yourself and keep up the positive attitude! The best advice I can give is keep pushing and believe in yourself :slight_smile:

I hear you, friend. Battling mental health issues and addiction can feel like an uphill battle, but the fact that you’re ready to try something different speaks volumes. Taking control of your thoughts and behaviors is a huge step, and it’s great that you’re recognizing the importance of changing your reactions and perceptions. It’s definitely not easy, but you’re right - with dedication and determination, anything is possible. There will be bumps along the way, but those are just moments to learn and grow. I’m rooting for you, and I know that with your commitment, you will start living again and the real version of you will shine once more.

Hey, I just want to say that I admire your determination to turn things around. It takes a lot of strength and bravery to recognize that you’re ready for a change and to commit to making it happen. It’s so true that recovering from mental health issues and addiction isn’t easy, but it’s definitely possible. You’re taking the right steps by focusing on taking control of your thoughts and behaviors, and that’s something to be proud of. You’re right that there will be bumps in the road, but with your dedication and determination, you can absolutely overcome them. Keep going, keep fighting for yourself, and remember that it’s okay to ask for help along the way. You’re not alone in this, and you deserve to start living and shining again. You’ve got this!

Hey there, I just want to say that I am so proud of you for recognizing the need for a change and being committed to taking the necessary steps towards a healthier life. It’s not easy to face mental health and addiction issues, but you’re showing so much strength and courage by doing so. Remember that recovery is a process, and it’s okay to have some setbacks along the way. What matters most is your determination to keep moving forward. You’ve got this! And always remember, you are not alone in this. You have a whole community here to support you every step of the way. Keep pushing through, and soon enough, you’ll see the real version of you shining bright once again. You can do this!

I can completely relate to what you’re going through. I’ve struggled with mental health and addiction issues too, and it’s taken a huge toll on me. It’s really inspiring to see you taking charge and making changes in your life. It may not be easy, but it’s definitely worth it. I’ve found that working on changing my reactions and perceptions has made a big difference for me, too. And you’re so right - there will be bumps in the road, but with dedication and determination, we can totally get through it. It’s great to see your commitment to starting living again; you deserve so much more than what you’ve been going through. Keep pushing forward, and don’t hesitate to reach out for support when you need it. You’ve got this!