My mental health and the physical issues it causes

Mental health affects me in more ways than I’d like to admit. It can be difficult dealing with the intrusive thoughts and anxiety that comes with it. But I’ve noticed it can also cause physical symptoms - headaches, pains, stomach aches and more.

Even though I have experienced physical issues due to my mental health, I always try to stay positive and try to remember that there are always things that will make me feel better. Whether it’s talking out my worries to someone close to me or getting outside for a walk in nature - self-care is the key to restoring balance when I feel overwhelmed.

I’m learning how important it is for me to take care of both my mental and physical health. Mental wellbeing isn’t just about tackling the problems — it’s about engaging in activities that promote wellness and staying mindful of my overall well-being.


I understand how difficult it can be to deal with the physical and emotional effects of mental health and I’m glad you’ve noticed that it can have an impact on both. Self-care is a great way to manage the ups and downs, as it’s about much more than just talking out your worries. It’s also about being mindful of your overall well-being so that you can stay in balance when times get tough. Plus, there are plenty of ways to practice self-care that don’t require a lot of investment or money. From getting some fresh air outdoors or making time for a hot bath to reading a book or taking a few minutes to meditate - even small steps can make big differences.

No matter how hard things may seem right now, remember that you’re not alone in this and that taking care of yourself should always be your top priority.

Hey, I can totally relate to what you’re saying. Mental health can really take a toll on us in so many ways. It’s not just the emotional stuff, but the physical symptoms can be just as tough to deal with. I’ve had my fair share of headaches, stomach aches, and body pains too. It’s tough, but I try to stay positive and remind myself that there are things I can do to feel better. Talking to someone about what’s going on in my head really helps, and getting outside for a walk in the fresh air can work wonders. Taking care of both my mental and physical health has become a top priority for me. It’s not just about fixing problems, it’s about finding things that make me feel good and staying mindful of my overall well-being. Hang in there, we’ve got this!

Hey, I totally understand where you’re coming from. Mental health can definitely take a toll on our physical well-being too. It’s great that you’re finding ways to cope and take care of yourself. Talking to someone close to you and spending time in nature are really good ways to promote wellness. I’ve found that practicing mindfulness and doing activities that bring me joy also make a big difference. Remember that it’s okay to prioritize your mental and physical health, and that taking care of yourself is super important. Keep finding those little things that bring you peace and comfort, and know that you’re not alone in this. We’re all in this together!