My mental health and intermittent fasting binge eating

I’m really trying to improve my mental health and this includes being mindful of how I fuel my body. For the last few weeks, I’ve been exploring intermittent fasting combined with mindful eating. The idea is to give your body the break it needs from constantly digesting food - at least 16 hours - every day.

It’s going okay. I’ve been able to do longer fasting windows without any real issues, but there are times when I get overwhelmed by cravings and end up binging on not-so-healthy foods.

I don’t want that anymore, so now I’m making sure to be extra conscious of what and how much I’m eating during my feed windows. My goal is to be aware of hunger cues when they come up, so that I can satisfy them in a way that’s nourishing for both my body and mind.

I’m doing some research on restrictions realised through fasts rather than diets based on restriction as well as planning ahead when possible so I have healthy options handy if I feel like eating because of anxiety or boredom (which often triggers a binge).

Ultimately, the goal here is for me to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally - not just over these next few weeks but for many more after that too.