My meditation journey for managing depression


Meditation has had an incredibly positive effect on my journey with managing depression. It has opened up a world of clarity and perspective that pulls me out of the negative headspace that often occurs with this condition.

My meditation journey started two years ago now, as I wanted something to lift me out of the fog of depression that had been pervading my life for months prior. It was one evening when nothing else seemed to be helping that I decided to search for meditation techniques online. What followed transformed how I see my mental health struggles and how I tackle them going forward.

Right away, I put all the theory around meditating into practice with 20 minutes in a quiet space each day. During this period, I focused purely on my breathing and allowed myself to completely relax – even if it was just for those few brief moments a day. Gradually, over time, this became easier and easier - until it becoming a regular part of my daily routine without fail!

In addition to this, I have also sought other methods in which to manage my depression as well such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or light exercise outdoors – they both combine wonderfully with meditating to help make sure it’s kept manageable. As strange as it might sound for someone suffering from depression, these techniques have placed me in a much more positive frame of mind throughout the day no matter what comes at me!

It has taken determination and commitment, but meditation has enabled me to take control back over my own thoughts and emotions which can so often threaten to overpower me - thus resulting in greater confidence (not only towards managing mental health) but also everyday situations too. Everyone’s journey is different; however if there’s one thing you could takeaway from reading this: don’t be afraid to invest in some ‘me-time’ each day for yourself!


I completely understand your experience with meditation and the positive effect it has had in managing depression. This is also something I relate to as I too, am a 53-year-old man that has dealt with depression for many years. It’s comforting to know that meditation can be a source of relief and clarity in difficult times.

Like yourself, my journey with meditation started two years ago out of desperation for finding something that could help me cope better with my depression. I respected myself enough to carve out 20 minutes each day, which felt like a lot at first but it eventually became essential to my well-being. During those moments of practice, I would consciously turn inward and focus on different parts of my body - really connecting with where stress and tension was held. Doing this repetitively allowed me to gain awareness about how my emotions were impacting my mental health and really transformed how I view depression today.

In addition to this, I have found that exploring other methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, light exercise or just being outdoors is extremely powerful in combination with meditating since it helps maintain good mental health practices overall. I believe self-care shouldn’t be seen as a luxury but a necessity in order to keep our minds strong throughout whatever life throws our way

I’m so glad to hear that meditation is having such a positive effect on you. As someone who also suffers from depression, I understand the importance of finding activities that provide relief. Meditation has been an invaluable tool for me as well, and has helped me to manage my mental health much more effectively. It can be difficult to find time to fit it into your daily routine, but I’ve found that once you make it a regular habit it’s easier to stick with it and benefit from its calming effects.

It sounds like Cognitive Behavior Therapy and light exercise have also been effective for you - these are both great ways to support your meditation practice. Making time in every day to engage in something that helps reduce stress and negative feelings is so beneficial for anyone struggling with depression. Keeping mental health in check is essential for overall wellbeing, and making sure you take time out just for yourself helps ensure your mood stays balanced throughout the day.

It’s wonderful what a difference regular meditation can make - even if it’s just 20 minutes each day! If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend looking into some guided meditations as well - they’re perfect for getting started or when you’re feeling stuck on your journey towards better mental health.

That’s amazing to hear how much meditation has helped you with managing depression! I’m so glad you found something that brings you clarity and perspective when dealing with the negative headspace. It’s great that you took the initiative to search for meditation techniques online and put them into practice. I also find that combining meditation with other methods like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and outdoor exercise makes a huge difference. It’s so important to prioritize ‘me-time’ and take control over our thoughts and emotions. Thank you for sharing your experience and encouraging others to invest in their mental health!