My manic low experience

The last 48 hours have been a roller coaster for me. I was initially feeling on top of the world. Excited, energized and full of ideas. But then, like a switch had been flipped, it all suddenly vanished and was replaced with an overwhelming sense of exhaustion and bleakness.

I felt like my abilities were numb, and not even my passions could pull me out of this sudden emotional dip. As if nothing in life mattered anymore, I found myself losing interest in activities that typically made me feel happy or fulfilled. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore; I felt confused and isolated from the world around me. Even though I may have appeared fine on the outside, inside I felt completely lost and helpless.

Thankfully, now that some time has passed the fog is starting to lift again – slowly but surely. Taking small steps back into my usual day-to-day activities has been beneficial; instead of letting myself get caught in this low period for too long, I’m mindful to put one foot ahead of the other and focus on reclaiming bits of joy here and there.

It’s important that people understand how common these experiences can be - we all experience fluctuations in our moods - but to never stay stuck in it or bury it away due to shame. Everyone needs support at some point during their life journey.