My journey with ptsd icd10

My journey with PTSD ICD10 has been quite a rollercoaster. Ever since experiencing a certain traumatic event that happened years ago, I’ve been dealing with the symptoms of this disorder. It affects me in various ways, like feeling anxious, overwhelmed and struggling to be around people or socialise.

I have worked hard to manage my symptoms by taking the necessary medications prescribed by my doctor. I also attend regular therapy and go through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Though these strategies help me process my thoughts and rationalise my feelings, it’s still difficult for me to make it through some days due to extreme triggers.

Sometimes I still get hit with waves of panic when something reminds me of what happened in the past. During those moments, its important for me to step back and access the situation rationally; which can take some time but it helps greatly in regaining control over myself again.

It isn’t easy being diagnosed with PTSD, but I’m grateful for the support system I have along this journey which gives me the strength to keep going despite experiencing tough times.