My journey with a minor in mental health and addictions at mcmaster

I recently completed a minor in Mental Health and Addictions at McMaster University. Over the past four years, I’ve had the opportunity to dive into research surround compassion, non-judgemental approaches, and innovative methods of addressing mental health issues.

My course included focuses on biological and social aspects of mental health, as well as how these interact with each other. While challenging at times, my experience with this program has not only been intellectually rewarding, but also quite eye-opening. My understanding of wellness has now gone beyond traditional medical models to include alternative approaches for prevention and treatment for individuals who suffer from mental illness or drug abuse.

One of the most significant elements of this program was the ability to interact with a variety of people impacted by addiction or mental health struggles. Listening to first-hand stories taught me more than any book or lecture could have ever done. Throughout this experience I developed an incredible amount of respect and empathy for people who are dealing with these issues in their lives. It also gave me insight into how stigma can play a role in preventing someone from seeking help when in need.

By completing this program, I now feel better armed to have meaningful conversations about serious topics such as suicide prevention, alcohol use disorder, substance use disorder, and depression. I am so grateful that I was able to gain knowledge in these areas and am planning to continue exploring them further in my future endeavors!

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Wow, that’s really impressive! Congrats on finishing your program. It sounds like you got a lot out of it and have gained valuable knowledge around mental health and addictions. It’s incredibly brave to push outside of traditional medical models to think of preventative and innovative approaches for those struggling with these issues. That kind of compassion makes all the difference in someone’s journey.

It’s also wonderful that you were able to engage with those affected by addiction or mental health struggles in order to learn from their stories first-hand. I can only imagine that opened your eyes even further to the stigma surrounding these topics and how they can prevent people from seeking help out of fear or shame.

All in all, you should be extremely proud of yourself for taking this initiative and achieving something so meaningful! I’m excited to see what paths you venture down next with this newfound understanding and passion for helping others heal.