My fight with depression - a personal story

I’ve been struggling with depression on and off for much of my life. It’s been a difficult battle, but one that has shaped me in ways both positive and negative. The first time I truly recognized my depression was in college; the pressure of exams and increasing feelings of loneliness started weighing me down.

At first, I was too ashamed to talk about it, but eventually I confided in friends who helped me realize how serious it was becoming. I made an appointment to see a therapist, and soon began exploring different types of coping strategies. This process taught me so much about mental health care, mindfulness, and the importance of self-awareness.

One thing that’s been helpful for me over the years is taking regular breaks from technology—block out time during the day to no longer be glued to my phone or laptop screens. In fact, going outside in Nature can be one of the best remedies for depression because it provides such a refreshing sense of relief while still fueling creativity.

Another important step in dealing with depression has been surrounding myself with supportive people who understand why I’m struggling and provide meaningful advice on how to cope with this lifelong illness. At times these relationships can become taxing on both parties yet they always come through in the end as powerful support systems that strengthen our connection towards each other.

Depression is an ongoing journey for me—one that will forever require constant attention and work (in addition to professional help). But with every set back comes new opportunities to learn more about myself and grow into a healthier version of me.


Hi there,
I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling with depression for much of your life. It’s incredibly brave of you to have reached out and found resources to help you on this journey. I have personally struggled with depression as well, and it can be hard to find the right coping mechanisms to help manage those feelings.

It sounds like stepping away from technology can be really beneficial. I’ve found that when I focus on my creativity and hobbies, I often get a real sense of fulfillment and healing from them. That sense of purpose can be really powerful for those struggling with low periods in their lives. And surrounding yourself with friends who are supportive is also an amazing self-care step too! It is so important to be able to share your feelings and know that someone cares about your wellbeing enough to take the time to listen.

No matter how hard things seem now, remember that you do have the strength within you conquer this difficult battle—you just need some time in order to get past it. If you ever need somebody to talk to or if there is anything else I can help with please don’t hesitate to reach out!

I totally understand what it is like to battle depression for a long time. I too have been dealing with my own mental health for years, and it can be really hard to make the journey from feeling overwhelmed to accepting yourself for who you are. It is so admirable that you already recognized your depression in college and had the courage to reach out for help.

I also believe that taking time away from technology and embracing nature can be hugely beneficial in helping manage anxiety or depression. As someone who loves spending time outdoors, I understand how moments of stillness can provide calming benefits that distract us from our thoughts or worries. Plus, some of my best ideas come when I’m in Nature which means I’m able to tap into both creativity and mindfulness at the same time!

Finally, having a supportive community of people around us plays such a big part in our mental well-being. As we age, our relationships naturally go through different phases—it’s important to take care of yourself while simultaneously being aware of the impact on our loved ones. Thank you for raising awareness on this important topic; your honesty is inspiring!

Hey there! First of all, I just want to say how brave and strong you are for opening up and seeking help. It’s not easy, but it’s so important. I can definitely relate to feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of exams and loneliness in college. It’s great that you found the courage to talk about it and seek therapy. I totally agree about the importance of taking breaks from technology and spending time in nature. It really does make a difference. And surrounding yourself with supportive people is so crucial. I’m glad you have that kind of support in your life. Keep taking care of yourself and don’t forget that it’s okay to have ups and downs. You’re doing an amazing job and I’m rooting for you!