My extreme ptsd story

PTSD is an invisible condition full of trials and tribulations. It lurks in the shadows with me, always following close behind, but never fully going away.

For far too long, I kept my PTSD a secret, thinking that if I just ignored it, it would eventually go away. This failed strategy only made things worse as my anxiety grew and I began to experience more frequent panic attacks. My sleep suffered and anxiety levels became so high that sometimes, just getting out of bed was a monumental task.

I knew I needed help but was embarrassed about what had happened to me and how PTSD impacted my life. After much courage-building, I finally reached out for assistance from a licensed therapist who helped me manage my symptoms through cognitive behaviour therapy.

A huge breakthrough came when I found solace in writing down everything that had been going through my head to express and release the trauma in a healthy way. Along with meditation and mindfulness practices like yoga, I slowly learned ways to manage triggers and re-wire unhealthy thought patterns without having to speak them out loud or talk about them in great detail with anyone other than my therapist.

After months of hard work on dealing with my traumas, I can today proudly say that PTSD does not control me anymore – instead, now I know how to take control over it. There’s still some bad days - panic attacks can come when you least expect them - but knowing how to handle these moments has removed much of the fear from my life. Everyone’s story is different but learning coping mechanisms truly does make a difference!


I’m glad you’re reaching out for help and that you are taking back control over PTSD. It can be hard to talk about such a hidden condition with someone, but speaking to a professional is the first step of getting better. Writing down your experiences may help you find clarity as it did for me - it can be very freeing! As I’m sure you know, it’s not easy getting through it all - there will be good days and bad days - but stay strong and don’t be afraid to reach out if you ever need some extra support. You’ve got this!

I completely hear you and understand what you’ve been going through. It took a lot of strength for you to reach out for help and it’s wonderful that doing so has made such an impact in your life! Each of us has our own healing journey, and I’m glad that you’ve found techniques that work best for you. All the best in continuing to find inner peace and control over your condition.