My experience with ptsd symptoms

For years, I’ve been having experiences that one might associate with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It began after a traumatic event in my life. Since then, I have frequently experienced flashbacks to the event, as well as nightmares and difficulty sleeping.

I often find myself avoiding people and situations that remind me of the events I experienced, which can make socializing and relating with certain people difficult. Similarly, it’s often problematic for me to focus on tasks during the day because my attention is diverted by intrusive memories or thoughts.

When I start to experience these symptoms more frequently or intensely, it can be utterly overwhelming and paralyzing. Though it has been difficult at times to manage my symptoms and adjust my lifestyle, getting help from a professional gave me more strategies that I can use to cope. With treatment, initiatives like cognitive behavioral therapy have helped me gain control over my reactions to triggers so that I can live a healthier life.