My experience with mood stabilizers and ptsd

I have been dealing with PTSD for nearly a decade, and with that come mood swings. After lots of trial and error, my doctor finally found the right combination of medications to help level out my moods.

It’s not been an easy road as I had to try different types of meds before finding the ones that worked best for me. Some I didn’t even make it past a few days as they either made my mood worse or caused other side effects like insomnia. But eventually I found those that helped me feel my best emotionally, though it does take balancing them out from time to time.

With my combination of stabilizers and therapy, I’ve seen vast improvements in how I process emotions. Before this combo, extreme highs and lows were our regular occurrence; now my mood stays inevitably consistent most days. It feels like such a relief when I stay balanced throughout the day—it’s something that I never had before but am so grateful to experience now.

Most importantly, the stabilizers also help reduce symptoms associated with PTSD like intrusive thoughts or flashbacks which can be incredibly disruptive when left untreated. Having this additional layer of protection has been key for allowing me to lead a more normal life despite managing a mental health condition like PTSD.

The journey hasn’t always been easy but it is mostly worth it - I must admit that having support along the way has been invaluable in helping me reach this point today!