My experience with mental trauma and its effects

Lately, I’ve been feeling much more vulnerable and fragile than I’m used to. It started out small - minor things would set me down a spiral of negative emotions that seemed impossible to break away from. But with each passing day, the intensity of these episodes has grown and I’ve begun experiencing full-on bouts of mental trauma.

At first, it was confusing trying to make sense of what was happening. I asked myself over and over why this was happening to me now when had have so many years without experiencing anything like it before. But eventually came to accept that there were times in my life where the pressures became too much for me to handle and this resulted in my mental health spiraling out of control.

The effects of my mental trauma have been far-ranging and at times debilitating. Not only do they negatively affect how I feel about myself but other areas such as my relationships with others, my ability focus on tasks and manage stress/anxiety levels, have all been affected too.

Recently, I’ve started embarking on a journey towards recovery by talking more openly about my experiences with close friends, family members and professionals. And while doing this has made me realize that rebuilding doesn’t happen overnight; it’s helping me confront the issues that led to my trauma in the first place during a pace which is sustainable for me right now.