My experience with comorbid depression

My experience with depression has been a difficult one, but I’m grateful every day for the support network of friends and family that are helping me through it. It’s hard to accept that at times, I might feel overwhelmed by the weight of depressive symptoms. I’ve gotten to the point where I can recognize when my mood isn’t right or when my energy is lower than usual. This heightened awareness allows me to take whatever steps are necessary to feel better or just get an extra boost of motivation. Dealing with comorbidity adds a unique set of challenges, but finding ways to cope and Nurture my mental health is incredibly important. There are so many strategies that have helped me over the years— reaching out to those closest to me, writing in a journal, making healthy lifestyle changes — each of these makes a tangible difference in how I’m feeling from day-to-day. My hope is that by reaching out and sharing some of my experience, others can benefit from it too. Together we can create stronger support networks and help each other work towards better mental health.