My experience living with bipolar disorder and psychosis

I don’t remember the exact moment I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and psychosis, but I do vividly remember what my life was like in the months leading up to it. I had days where I felt an overwhelming amount of energy that kept me up all night, followed by days of intense depression that left me feeling isolated and alone.

In these moments of extreme emotion, I found myself hearing things that no one else could hear. Between the panic attacks and distortions in reality, it became increasingly hard to manage how I felt. Though it wasn’t frequent enough for anyone to recognize before my diagnosis, these episodes caused so much disruption in my life that at times it felt like I was living in a dream state.

Since receiving treatment from both a psychiatrist and psychologist, tiny pieces of stability are slowly beginning to fit back together into my life. Thanks to their support and guidance, as well as medications specifically designed for bipolar disorder and psychosis, I am able to take control of how I respond to unstable episodes rather than letting them control me. Learning how to adjust lifestyle changes has also been helpful in better managing emotions while providing a sense of clarity so that I can think more clearly about my needs instead of just reacting immediately.

It still takes time for new coping mechanisms to sink in; some weeks are great while others have their ups downs—but when considering where my mental health was prior to being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and psychosis, overall progress is definitely something worth celebrating on the regular.