My complex ptsd story

It all started as a young boy. I was full of life and excited for the future. But unfortunately my life changed when I experienced intense trauma. To this day, I’m still dealing with the repercussions from that traumatic experience.

The physical and mental scars are still very present. Even though it’s been many years since the incident, I still struggle with nightmares, flashbacks, and sudden fear or panic attacks. The disorder has caused me an immense amount of pain and suffering throughout my life.

I still struggle to find comfort in social settings because of the deep-seated psychological wounds that I have endured from untreated complex PTSD. I’ve gone through therapies, experimented with different medications, but overall there hasn’t been much progress made towards healing these wounds which can leave me feeling hopeless at times.

Although complex PTSD has wrecked havoc on my well-being, I remain hopeful that there will be some relief from these agonizing symptoms in the future. Until then, I’ll keep striving and challenging myself to overcome this difficult diagnosis that life has dealt me with courage and tenacity!