My Bipolar Disorder Assessment: A Personal Story

Going through an assessment process for a mental illness can be daunting and nerve-wracking. Especially when the illness is something like Bipolar Disorder, which can often present itself with confusing symptoms and complicated diagnosis. That was the case with me, but I’m grateful that I found someone who could help me figure out what was going on.

I had heard about bipolar disorder before, but never paid much attention because I thought it only applied to teens and young adults. That’s why when my doctor suggested it after she noticed some of the signs during our appointment, I was taken aback. After some research, I realized that this kind of mental illness could happen to anyone at any age.

The next step was getting assessed by a mental health professional who specializes in bipolar disorder. Initially this felt like yet another task that added to my already long list of things that had to get done, but it ended up being one of the most useful check-ups I’ve ever done.

During my assessment, we went over a checklist of moods and emotional states that had both been recurring throughout my life and most strongly recently. As we ran through them, memories began to come together and I understood why my doctor suspected something might be wrong in the first place – all those erratic times weren’t random anymore; they were part of a pattern linked to this condition. It made total sense!

By the end of it all, my consultation paid off; I got confirmed as Bipolar type II which means milder episodes between major ones than those who have Bipolar Type I experience – making lifestyle adjustments easier and treatments more successful down the road. Although not getting closure right away would have been harder than having everything squared away in one visit, at least now I have a starting point - know how to deal with this condition better going forward - giving me peace of mind moving ahead.