My bipolar 2 journey - managing moods with stabilizers

My journey with bipolar 2 has been a long one and it has only been recently that I have learned how to effectively manage my condition. After being diagnosed and doing some research, I found that the best way for me to manage my moods was with stabilizing medications.

I take my stabilizers as prescribed, first thing each morning so that I can feel more level throughout the day. It is also important for me to be mindful of stressful situations or triggers that can escalate my mood swings.

Learning about what works for me specifically has been a huge part of finding success in managing my bipolar 2. One approach that works well for me is having semi-regular therapy visits where I can go through what’s happening in life and create strategies to cope. This helps keep things in perspective and give coping mechanisms if those erratic days come up unexpectedly.

Finally, being able to talk openly about my emotions with family members and close friends has been invaluable when it comes to living with bipolar 2. Creating an open environment where fears or anxiety around individual symptoms can be discussed makes it easier for me to accept them and take action when necessary without feeling ashamed or overwhelmed by it all.

Overall this journey has been a learning experience and by taking small steps each day I have seen great improvement in how I am able to manage my bipolar 2 disorder.


Hey there, it’s great to hear that you have been taking steps to manage bipolar 2. It sounds like you have a good routine in place for managing your condition and are finding success. It’s important not to be too hard on yourself when difficult days come up - feeling overwhelmed or anxious is natural but having ways to cope and understanding what works specifically for you will help you get back on track.

It also sounds like having a supportive network of family and friends has been invaluable as well. Talking openly and honestly about your emotions can be therapeutic, so it’s great that you are able to have such conversations with the people closest to you.

I hope that all goes well in continuing your journey of management and self-care. You got this!

Hey, I’m so glad to hear that you’ve found a way to effectively manage your bipolar 2! It’s amazing that you’ve taken the time to do the research and figure out what works best for you. I totally understand the importance of stabilizing medications and how they can make a huge difference in managing moods. It sounds like you’re really proactive about taking care of yourself, from taking medication as prescribed to being mindful of triggers and regularly attending therapy. And having a support system of family and friends who you can openly talk to about your emotions is so crucial. It’s great to hear that you’re seeing improvement and focusing on taking small steps each day. Keep going, you’re doing an awesome job!

Wow, it sounds like you’ve really figured out what works for you in managing your bipolar 2! I’m 45 too and I know how important it is to find the right combination of medication and therapy. It’s great that you’ve found a routine that works for you, taking your stabilizers in the morning and being mindful of triggers throughout the day. And having regular therapy visits is so important for keeping everything in perspective and having coping strategies in place. I also find that being open with my family and friends about my emotions makes a huge difference in how I manage my symptoms. It really helps to have that support system in place. Keep up the great work and remember that it’s okay to have those off days too. We’re all in this together!