My battle with unipolar and bipolar depression

While I’ve dealt with depression for the majority of my adult life, it wasn’t until recently that I was properly diagnosed with unipolar and bipolar depression. After struggling with my mental health for so long, it was such a relief to finally know the root cause of my struggles.

But even after getting an accurate diagnosis, I still felt like there weren’t any resources or support systems out there for me. It took a lot of work to find information and resources related to both unipolar and bipolar depression that didn’t feel outdated or irrelevant.

The way I chose to manage my illnesses has been a combination of both medication and counseling. While it’s by no means a perfect method, it works for me. Taking medications combined with regular counseling sessions helps keep my symptoms in check so I can focus on living the best life I can.

I’m proud to say that even though managing both my unipolar and bipolar depression has been difficult, with dedication and diligence, I am much better off than when I first got diagnosed.