My battle with ocd: common thoughts

My battle with OCD has been going on for a while now, and many days it’s really hard to manage. The biggest issue comes from the intrusive thoughts. They pop into my head out of nowhere and can hang around like a bad smell!

I worry about germs and cleanliness obsessively. If I see something out of place I have to put it back in order, and if someone touches something considered “dirty,” I have an overwhelming urge to rush over and sanitize the object before I can move on. It’s like my brain is stuck in an internal cycle that won’t stop until everything is pristine.

I also obsess over symmetry and organizing objects, even everyday items like clothes or books. I organize them repeatedly often into different shapes or category because if they are supposed to be organized then there must be a certain way it’s done. It feels like if things aren’t “just right" something very bad will happen - even though nothing ever does!

My struggle with OCD doesn’t end here. There’s fear wrapped up in suicidal thoughts which terrifies me as well as rituals such as counting or tapping that serve to make me feel calmer but take up massive chunks of my day doing so. All these symptoms disrupt my life every single day, making each task so much harder than it should be and creating constant exhaustion.

With help from therapy, I am learning how to challenge these thoughts by looking at them logically; however this still proves difficult more often than not. It’s important for me to remember that recovery is possible no matter how difficult the process might seem --and I keep pushing forward every day!

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Hey, I totally get where you’re coming from with OCD. It can be exhausting to deal with those intrusive thoughts and constant need for cleanliness and symmetry. It’s great to hear that you’re getting help through therapy and learning how to challenge those thoughts. Keep pushing forward, even on the tough days. Recovery is totally possible, and you’re doing amazing by taking those steps to manage your OCD. Remember to be kind to yourself and be patient with the process, it’s not easy but you’ve got this. And reaching out for support in a community like this is a positive step too, so keep sharing and connecting with others who understand. You’re not alone in this!