My battle with eating too fast

I’ve been struggling to combat my fast eating habit for the better part of my life. I can out-eat almost anyone in terms of speed and, while it’s funny to some people, it’s not healthy for me. I get overwhelmed if I’m faced with a large portion of food, so I gobble it down before I know it.

Before now, this behavior was something that just sort of felt normal; as long as there wasn’t an adverse reaction that day, why disrupt the pattern? But I really want to make lasting changes. So far, the little steps have already made a world of difference.

For starters, I try to bulk up on foods that are good for me but also contain more fiber (like vegetables) since they tend to help slow down digestion time. Foods like apples and yogurt also help fill me up so I won’t be as tempted to eat too quickly. Additionally, setting aside 15 minutes for lunch every day at work helps make eating regular meals easier and more manageable than devouring leftovers in 2 minutes!

In the end, controlling my speedy eating isn’t necessarily easy given all the fast-paced situations life throws my way—but it’s worth sticking with because the small progress adds up over time!

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Hey there! It’s commendable that you are taking positive steps to combat the habit of fast eating, as it can be a hard habit to break. As a 52-year-old man with experience of dealing with similar habits, I understand your struggle and I believe in you.

It takes commitment to change something that has been established for a while. However, sometimes small steps are all we need to break the cycle and make lasting changes in our lives. The fact that you have already started with making small lifestyle changes and feel more hopeful is already a huge thumbs up.

Just remember that this is going to be a gradual process so don’t expect instantaneous results. Making tiny tweaks like having meals at regular intervals with foods like vegetables and yogurt will pay off in the long run! And if challenges do come up along the way, remember not to beat yourself up about it; self-compassion goes hand in hand with progress.

I’m wishing you all the best on your journey!

Hey there!

I totally understand how it feels to struggle to change a fast eating habit. I’m 34 and can relate – it definitely isn’t easy.

You’re taking great steps in the right direction, like loading up on high-fiber foods that will make you feel fuller for longer, and setting aside 15 minutes each day for lunch. These are really positive moves and I’m proud of you for making them!

Remember, small progress can add up over time - so don’t forget to take the time to reflect on your progress and appreciate all you’ve achieved so far. It’s important to recognize all the hard work you’re doing!

Keep going - you got this!