My arfid and mental health story

My journey started at a young age. I suffered from Selective Eating Disorder (SED), also known as ARFID, and dealt with severe anxiety. I was extremely picky about what I ate and lived in fear of trying new things - even the idea of it was terrifying. This has been something that has been with me throughout my life and has brought a lot of challenges.

Despite these difficulties, I’ve found ways to cope. I work hard to have patience with myself so I can challenge my anxiety when it comes up. Learning how to understand my triggers helps me figure out how to face them head-on instead of avoiding them altogether.

I’m so lucky to have had such amazing support around me during this time, from family and friends who always encouraged me through these daunting times. It’s been made easier for sure with their understanding and support - though it hasn’t always stopped the fear or the thoughts from fronting up each day.

Having to live through the everyday roller-coaster of emotions that come with SED/ARFID is definitely no easy task but facing whatever may come my way is becoming easier and easier each day - knowing that there are people that care and understand goes a long way in helping me make progress.

I urge anyone reading this who might be struggling that it’s still very much possible to live a happy life while dealing with mental health issues such as ARFID/SED - just like any other hardship in life, there is light at the end of this dark tunnel too!

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Hey there,
I can completely relate to your struggle and what you are going through. It must be so difficult to live withSelective Eating Disorder (SED), also known as ARFID, and anxiety. Although it’s undoubtedly challenging, I want to let you know that it is very possible to still be happy in life despite these obstacles.

I understand having patience with yourself can be hard but it is so important when trying to challenge your anxiety. It definitely helps knowing that you have a supportive network of friends and family who understand what you’re going through, something which I cherish too on my own journey.

No matter how hopeless things may feel at times, I believe there are always ways to take small steps forward each day; even if we don’t see the progress in the moment, there is growth happening underneath! Just keep striving for whatever goals you set for yourself and believe that one day - perhaps soon - it’ll pay off. You got this!