My anorexia story

I spent a number of years fighting anorexia. It has taken time, but I finally feel like I am on the path to healing and recovery.

The battle didn’t begin overnight; it began slowly and silently, as a way of coping with growing anxiety and insecurity. Food became one area I could control amid the uncertainty of my life. As this behavior intensified, I became very concerned for my health but helpless to make changes in my own life despite numerous efforts.

I eventually sought help that enabled me to face down this monster head-on and get the guidance, counseling, and tools needed to start on the journey towards true health and self-care. It is not an easy process and there are hard days along with good ones, but progress is key here—not perfection—and taking small steps forward each day has made a world of difference over time. Having supportive family and friends around me has also been a huge part of this process.

It’s been difficult work digging up roots from my past that have shaped my self-image today, but it is worth it as I begin reclaiming myself from this illness while also learning to be comfortable in my own skin once more. While this post isn’t cathartic or curative so much as a testament trust in yourself: you are capable of so much more than you think!