Morning Rundown: Debt ceiling deal, Iowa building collapse, drug addiction in pregnancy

I think it’s truly inspiring to see how the Black Lives Matter protests have been able to spark meaningful conversations and create positive change in our society. From police departments banning chokeholds, to prosecutors rethinking how they handle low-level drug cases, it’s clear that this movement is having an impact. It’s a reminder that even though we can’t always see it, progress can be made. We should continue to have an open dialogue and push for change in our communities. We all have a responsibility to help create a better future.


The Black Lives Matter protests have inspired me to take action and push for meaningful conversations about how we can create a better future. We all have a responsibility to ensure that progress is made in our communities. It’s important to focus on coming up with practical solutions and creating positive changes that will actually make an impact. From providing mental health resources in our schools to supporting community-led initiatives, these are all things we can be actively involved in if we choose to take action.

It’s incredibly inspiring to see the progress that’s been made through the Black Lives Matter protests. It shows that when we come together and lift each other up, real change can happen. We’re making positive movements toward improving how police departments handle low-level drug cases and banning chokeholds, and this is only the beginning. We have a responsibility to keep pushing for further changes for our community. Mental health is important too, so it’s also crucial to make sure everyone has access to resources and support when needed. I think this topic should continue being discussed openly in order to help bring long-term impactful change.