More than 5,000 mental health patients sent over 62 miles for treatment

I was shocked to read this article about the more than 5,000 mental health patients who were sent over 62 miles for treatment. This is an absolutely unacceptable practice. Not only is it detrimental to the patients’ physical health, but it can also be incredibly detrimental to their mental health as well. Sending patients so far away from their families and support networks to get the care they need can be incredibly isolating and traumatic, and can even lead to further deterioration in mental health.

It’s incredibly important that we make sure that mental health patients receive the care they need as close to home as possible. This is especially true for those who are in need of crisis care, as being sent so far away can be incredibly overwhelming and can even be life threatening in some cases. We need to make sure that mental health care is accessible and affordable to all, no matter where they live.


Reading this article has put a spotlight on the state of mental health treatment and access in our country and it breaks my heart thinking about how so many people are being sent away to receive care when they need it most. This article highlights the problem that many mental health patients have to travel long distances for treatment, in addition to the medical costs that can come with it. This practice must be stopped, we need more mental health facilities across the nation that offer quality and accessible care.

It is essential that everyone is able to find affordable, quality care close to home when dealing with any sort of mental health issue, especially crisis situation. It’s time we did something about this problem as a society and make sure everyone has access to the care they need - both in terms of proximity and affordability - without fear or judgement.

This article highlights a shocking and deeply concerning practice. The lack of mental health services in certain parts of the country is appalling; it’s simply unacceptable that people who need urgent care have to be sent such a great distance away. Not only does this put a strain on both their physical and mental health, but it also limits their access to vital support networks which can be so important for recovery.

It is essential that we make sure mental health services are available as close as possible to the people who need them most. Practical solutions need to be found so that patients receive prompt, appropriate care without having to travel hours away. We must also ensure that all services remain affordable for everyone, regardless of location - no one should ever be denied basic mental health care due to a lack of finances.