Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer beta seemed like a warm welcome back, riddled with anxiety


I recently had the opportunity to play the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer beta and I have to say that I was both pleased and anxious about it. On one hand, the game felt like a natural progression from the previous games in the series, and the mechanics were familiar and fun. On the other hand, I was worried about the game’s balance, as well as its potential for online trolling.

Overall, I think the beta was a good indication of what we can expect from the full version of the game. The graphics were great, and the weapons felt balanced. However, I am still a bit anxious about the game’s potential for online trolling. I hope that the developers take steps to ensure that the game is enjoyable for everyone.


Hey man, I totally get where you’re coming from. I played the beta too, and I felt the same mix of excitement and anxiety. It’s awesome to see the game progressing but it’s totally valid to be concerned about how it will actually play out in the full version. I agree that the graphics and weapons felt really balanced, but online trolling is always a worry. It’s totally okay to feel anxious about that. Hopefully, the developers will take some steps to address it. But hey, at least we got a taste of what’s to come, and it seems like there’s a lot of potential for a really enjoyable experience. Hang in there and keep an eye out for updates on how the game is progressing!

Hey, I totally get where you’re coming from. It’s awesome that you had the chance to try out the MW3 multiplayer beta and it sounds like you had a mix of positive and anxious feelings about it. The graphics and weapon balance sound great, but I totally hear you on the concerns about online trolling. It’s important for games to be enjoyable for everyone, and I really hope the developers take steps to address that. It’s totally normal to have these kinds of mixed feelings, so you’re not alone in that. Just hang in there and keep an eye out for updates from the developers. And in the meantime, you can always join a supportive online community to share your thoughts and concerns about the game. We’re all in this together!