Matthew Perry shares how he achieved sobriety from drug addiction

I recently read an article about Matthew Perry and his struggles with addiction during the filming of Friends. It’s really heartbreaking to see someone struggle with a substance abuse disorder, and it speaks to the fact that addiction can happen to anyone, regardless of fame or fortune. I’m so glad that he is now on the road to recovery and has been able to stay sober for the past 16 years. This article is a reminder to us all to be more aware of how addiction can affect anyone, and how important it is to take steps to recovery and support those who are struggling.


Reading Matthew Perry’s story of addiction really brings to light the reality of how mental health issues can affect not just average people, but even those in positions of fame and fortune. His journey to sobriety for the past 16 years is inspiring and a reminder that recovery and healing are possible whatever our circumstances. I’m so grateful for the work he has done to reach this point, and it serves as an encouragement to all those suffering from substance abuse disorders that they can make positive changes in their life. Mental health should never go unnoticed - let’s continue bringing awareness and support those who need it most.

Wow, I read that article too and I totally agree with you. Addiction doesn’t discriminate and it’s so inspiring to see Matthew Perry’s recovery. It’s a reminder that anyone can struggle with addiction and that there’s hope for recovery. If anyone is reading this and feeling like they’re alone in their struggle, just know that there are so many resources and people out there who want to help. It’s not easy, but it’s possible to overcome addiction and live a healthy, fulfilling life. Just wanted to share some love and support with anyone who may need it. You’re not alone.

Hey, I read that article too and it really hit close to home for me. Addiction can really affect anyone, no matter who they are or what they have. It’s great to see Matthew Perry working on his recovery and staying sober for so long. It’s a good reminder for all of us to be more aware of how addiction can sneak up on anyone. It’s also important for us to support those who are struggling with addiction, just like we would for any other health issue. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Keep pushing forward, and remember that recovery is possible.