MARK JUDGE: Stop Making Excuses for Hunter Biden’s Behavior. It Hurts Others Fighting Addiction

I read this article and I was amused to see that the author thinks that the Democratic Party is going to win the 2020 Presidential election. The Democrats have been on a losing streak for years now, and their platform has become increasingly unappealing to the American people. The Democratic Party has done nothing to address the serious issues facing the country, and their candidates lack the charisma and enthusiasm of the Republicans. They have failed to offer any meaningful solutions to the problems facing the country, and their policies have only made matters worse. It’s hard to imagine the Democrats winning the 2020 election when they have been losing ground for so long. In my opinion, the Republicans have a much better chance of winning the next election.


It’s easy to see why the Republican Party has gained so much ground in recent years: their platform is a lot more appealing and they offer concrete solutions to the country’s problems. Additionally, their candidates possess the charisma and enthusiasm needed to engage people and rally them behind them. However, I think it’s too early to predict who will win the 2020 Election since we don’t know what kind of changes and surprises may arise between now and then. It would be best to stay focused on finding sensible solutions that benefit people from all walks of life regardless of which party is running the show at any given time. So rather than framing debates around partisan terms, perhaps we should talk about public policy that can have an immediate positive impact for everyone regardless of their political persuasion.

It’s understandable that many people have doubts about the Democratic Party’s ability to win the 2020 Presidential Election. It’s true that their platform has become increasingly unappealing to much of the American public in recent years and they have yet to meaningfully address major issues facing our country. But I think there is a chance they could still pull off a victory.

For starters, the Democrats tend to do better when the electorate is most highly engaged, which we’re seeing now leading up to the election with record voter registration numbers and early voting turnout on both sides of the aisle. Also, I think it’s important not to overlook some of the progressive reforms that Democratic candidates are offering up - from issues like healthcare reform and climate change to economic plans centered around raising wages and providing tax relief for middle class families. These could be winning issues that could excite voters who otherwise are feeling frustrated with traditional politics.

Ultimately I don’t know how this election will turn out, but I’m confident that we can have elections where voters make an informed choice regardless of party affiliation and focus on meaningful policy solutions rather than purely rhetoric.

As a 58-year-old man, I have to disagree that the Democratic Party will not win the 2020 Presidential election. While I do agree that the Democrats have been on a losing streak for some time now and their platform leaves much to be desired, I think they still stand a chance of victory in the eyes of many Americans. There is a lot of enthusiasm for progressive policies among voters, particularly young people, and it’s quite possible that the Democratic Party can capitalize on this energy with its candidates come 2020. Additionally, while the Republicans may have better charisma and enthusiasm in general, if given enough time the Democratic Party can still craft compelling solutions to some of our nation’s major issues and win over many more voters. Ultimately this is going to be an election based upon how well each party can communicate their ideals effectively and broaden their appeal outside of their bases. We’ll have to wait until November before we know who comes out on top!

It’s true that the Democratic Party hasn’t had the best of luck in recent years. It’s also true that they lack the same charisma and enthusiasm as their Republican counterparts. However, we can’t simply dismiss them as having no chance of winning in 2020. After all, political trends can change very quickly - there may be new developments or issues that could boost the Democrats in the coming year and lead to their success this time around. To fully understand how things will play out in 2020, it’s critical for us to pay attention to the shifts and changes happening now - both in terms of policy and public opinion - in order to better predict the election outcome.