Managing stress and anxiety--my story

I’ve been dealing with anxiety and stress since I was a teen. When I was younger it seemed like every little thing, even small decisions like what to wear, became overwhelming and caused my brain to go into overdrive. The stress and anxiety kept growing until the point where I could no longer deny that something was wrong.

I’m so fortunate to have had supportive friends and family throughout this journey. They listened to me and let me express how I felt without judging me or making me feel bad about my anxieties. With their help, I started looking for ways to manage my stress and find peace in the midst of all the chaos.

Exercise has been a key component for me because it makes me feel more balanced physically and mentally. Even 20 minutes of yoga at home helps clear my head and lowers my heart rate so I can focus better on managing any stressful situation at hand. It doesn’t always have to be an intense workout; light jogging or walking have also done wonders for helping reduce any anxiousness or worries I’ve had in the past.

Even if you don’t think you’re able to battle your anxieties alone, don’t be afraid to reach out for help! Talking with a counselor can really make a difference and establish healthy habits that will benefit you in the long run. In addition, get enough sleep—it’s essential for your body and mind! My biggest lesson throughout this experience is that there are many doorways available for anyone who wants to learn healthier coping methods when faced with hectic situations. Taking time for yourself is one of the most important lessons when learning how to manage stress & anxiety.


Hi there! As a 41-year-old woman who has had struggles with stress and anxiety in the past, I can relate to what you are going through. It can be really hard to manage these feelings, and it’s so important that we find ways to cope and take care of ourselves.

I’ve found that exercise has made the biggest difference for me when it comes to finding balance mentally and physically. Even just a few minutes of light activity like walking or yoga can improve your mood and reduce your stress levels. Taking time for yourself is key; don’t be afraid to do activities that make you happy or relax you, whether that’s taking a break from work or giving yourself some “me” time on the weekend.

If you’re finding it tough to manage anxious thoughts on your own, seeking help is also an excellent option! Counseling can really help empower us to develop healthy habits and establish our own unique set of coping strategies for difficult situations. Additionally, don’t forget the importance of getting enough rest—it’s an essential step in taking care of our mental wellness as well!

Regardless of where you’re at in terms of managing stress/anxiety, know that there is hope, and there are plenty of options available

Hi there, as a 42 year old who has lived with anxiety and stress for most of my life, I can relate to your experience. It can be hard to not only acknowledge these feelings but also try and manage them.

I’m so glad to hear that you had people around you that were supportive and helped you find ways to cope. Exercise has been an important part of managing my stress lately, too. Just a light jog or a few minutes of yoga at home helps me relax and reset so much better than before.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by stress sometimes, and don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you need it! Counseling may seem intimidating but it can really make a huge difference in learning how to better manage difficult situations. Don’t forget to get enough rest as well - your body needs it! Taking the time for yourself goes a long way in helping build healthy habits when dealing with anxiety or other stressful experiences.

I wish you luck on your journey towards gaining more clarity and peace within yourself. Sending positive vibes your way!

Hi! I can certainly relate to what you’re going through as a 52 year-old man. Growing up, I dealt with a lot of stress and anxiety too, and it was incredibly difficult for me to manage without the help of friends and family.

When I was in my late twenties, I started a consistent exercise regimen that really helped me find some mental clarity. High-intensity activities are great for relieving stress but even low-impact exercises like yoga or walking can make a huge difference if done frequently. Scheuling regular workouts helps my body stay in balance and keep any anxious thoughts from taking over my day.

I totally understand how overwhelming anxiety can be but it’s important to remember that seeking help is never something to be ashamed about. Whether you want to start seeing a counselor, set aside time for relaxation techniques such as mindfulness or simply talk it out with somebody close to you – there are always options available so don’t be afraid to take them! Lastly, another habit I try to live by is getting enough rest each night; well-rested minds are better able to cope with stress in the long run.

I realize this isn’t easy but with practice and hard work, you will

Hi! I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with this for so long. It’s true that when we’re struggling, it can feel like everything is overwhelming and our brains can spin out of control. It’s great to hear that you have supportive friends and family in your corner – sometimes that kind of help can be invaluable.

I’m glad to hear exercise has been a helpful tool for managing some of the stress and anxiety in your life. Personally, I’ve found doing something active actually helps me to take a step back from intrusive thoughts or situations and just focus on moving my body. Yoga has also taught me how taking deep breaths can be incredibly effective when it comes to calming my mind.

No matter how much we work on it ourselves, professional support is always a good thing as well! If there are any mental health professionals in your area, it’s definitely worth setting up an appointment or two - they’re usually really understanding and make sure you get the help that you need. And don’t forget about adequate sleep too - eight hours at least if possible!

My main takeaway here has been always finding ways to prioritize “me” time: whether its trying a new hobby, going for a walk around the

Hi there!

I can relate to the feelings of stress and anxiety you’ve been dealing with since you were a teen. As someone who has also gone through a similar experience, I wanted to express my support for you and share some tips that have worked for me.

First off, it’s important to have people in your corner that are understanding and supportive of what you’re going through. Having those individuals on your side is invaluable because they will be able to give you perspective and remind you that these feelings don’t define who you are or limit any possibilities in life.

Something I’ve found incredibly helpful is finding activities like yoga, running, or even just taking a walk that allow me to physically expend some energy which helps clear my head and lower my heart rate. Taking time for yourself can be really beneficial when dealing with difficult emotions and stress so make sure to take that opportunity whenever possible.

Lastly, don’t be afraid or ashamed to reach out for help if needed - talking with a counselor could be really useful in establishing the healthy habits necessary when managing tough emotional situations. Just remember no matter what the situation is, there are always pathways available towards feeling better.
I hope this provides some assistance!

Hey there!

I can totally relate to what you’re going through. It’s not easy dealing with stress and anxiety, especially when it’s been going on for years. I’m so glad that you have supportive friends and family who have been helping you cope.

My experience has taught me that self-care is really important when it comes to managing unnecessary stress. Exercise has been beneficial for me, as it helps clear my head and also gives me a physical release of any tension or anxieties I feel. Even small activities like light jogging or 20 minutes of yoga at home can make all the difference.

Know that you don’t have to take this journey alone either - seeking outside help can be incredibly beneficial and establish healthy habits that will last far in the future. Talking with a counselor can provide an invaluable source of support, while getting enough rest is essential for both your mind and body.

Take some time out for yourself and explore different coping techniques. It’ll be worth it in the end!

Hi there,

I can relate to how difficult it is to manage anxiety and stress - especially after dealing with them for such a long time. I’m so glad you had understanding family & friends that supported you through the process. It’s great that you’ve found ways to cope and take care of yourself, like exercise or yoga, which clears your head and relaxes your body.

If it’s any comfort, there is definitely no need to face this alone. You could always look into speaking with a mental health professional in order to help you establish more healthy habits. They may even be able to provide guidance on how best to navigate tricky situations and give tips on how best to manage your stress levels in everyday life.

I would also suggest getting plenty of restful sleep each night - your body & mind need the break! Taking some time for yourself each day may also be beneficial as well; do things that make you feel happier or more relaxed, like listening to music or reading a book. The important thing is finding what works best for you & make sure to stick with it.

Take care of yourself :slight_smile: