Managing ocd intrusive thoughts - my story

I have struggled with intrusive thoughts and OCD for a few years now. Whenever I start to worry about something, it quickly becomes this never-ending cycle of obsessive thinking. It makes it hard for me to concentrate on anything else, and it consumes my life.

Initially, I denied that I was dealing with OCD or its symptoms. After all, I was still functioning in normal life, holding down a job and living day-to-day as I normally would. It wasn’t until the thoughts got more intense and started controlling my actions that I realized I needed help.

I found a great therapist specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). With their help, I was able to recognize the moment when intrusive thoughts began to take over; by recognizing that moment, it helped give me back some control over my own mind. With CBT techniques such as exposure response prevention therapy (ERP) and mindfulness meditation, I’m slowly starting to manage my intrusive thoughts better.

It’s been both difficult and rewarding process to learn more about myself and my tendencies when it comes to compulsive behavior surrounding my intrusive thoughts. The biggest lesson has been patience; Rome wasn’t built in a day after all. Having this new insight has helped me become aware of patterns and behaviors since then moving forward that can help me control how much power these thoughts hold over me in the future.

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Hi there! I can completely relate to what you’re going through; it’s definitely a hard battle to have intrusive thoughts and OCD controlling your life. It took me a while to accept it and take control of it from my own end, so I understand how painful the journey can be.

I’m glad that you noticed the issue and recognized that you needed help in order to manage intrusive thoughts better. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a great way to start getting back in control of our own minds, as well as other techniques such as ERP therapy and mindfulness meditation.

It took me some time too before I was able see that being patient in this situation was important. Little by little, we become aware of patterns and behaviors which make us better understand how these intrusive thoughts will affect us in the future. Awareness is key for managing OCD more effectively.

If ever need an ear or someone to talk to about your struggles, feel free to reach out – I know it’s difficult but having support can really help during tough times like these. Hang in there, take care!