Male depression: my experience

I have felt not quite myself for quite a while now. I often feel down and overwhelmed, unable to concentrate or sleep and find it difficult to stay motivated. The overwhelming sense of being bogged down by sadness and loneliness can be very discouraging.

Even when surrounded by loved ones, I feel disconnected from them. Little things that once use to bring me so much joy like walking in the park are no longer filled with happiness.

My life feels like it is on autopilot, like the day is just going to move in one direction but not getting anywhere. I often put on a brave face when around friends and family, avoiding talking about my depression for fear of being judged or seen as weak or incapable of dealing with my problems on my own.

But nothing seems to help lift this seemingly endless fog. I recognize that in order to find relief I need to speak up and seek professional help - something that has been incredibly difficult but so necessary for my mental well-being. Everyone needs support sometimes, including me!