Living with valproic acid and bipolar

Life with valproic acid and bipolar can be filled with ups and downs. On one hand, taking the medication helps even out my moods so that I can manage day to day life better. On the other hand, it requires a lot of upkeep – staying on top of the doses, keeping up with regular doctor’s appointments to adjust dosages and monitor side effects, not to mention dealing with side effects from the drugs themselves.

I’m grateful for all the tools and resources available to help me get through this trying time in my life - from friends and family who offer constant support, to online support groups where people share their experiences. It’s empowering knowing that I’m not alone in this journey against bipolar disorder.

It’s important to stay positive despite living with valproic acid and bipolar each day. Counting my blessings every morning is just one small habit that can keep me focused on gratitude no matter what struggles may arise during the day. Not only does it help put things into perspective, but it also gives me hope that I can make progress and improve my quality of life in a meaningful way.