Living with soft bipolar - my story

When I was first diagnosed with soft bipolar disorder, I was overwhelmed by the thought that I would have to manage this for the rest of my life. With time, though, I’ve come to accept it as part of who I am and navigate it in my daily life. In the beginning, it was hard for me to identify when I was slipping into a manic or depressive episode, and even harder to adjust my mood without medication or professional help.

It’s been especially difficult living with soft bipolar over the past several months as social distancing measures have kept many of us away from our support systems. With limited resources available to me for managing my diagnosis, it has made focusing on self-care more important than ever before. Some methods that have been helpful for me are making sure to stick to a consistent sleep schedule (even if that means taking naps!), exercising regularly, and having access to proper nutritional meals. Additionally, having an outlet either through creative writing or connecting with a therapist has opened up opportunities for healing and better managing my condition on an emotional level too.

Although living with soft bipolar is never easy, I strive each day towards understanding it better and finding new ways for taking care of myself so that it can be manageable in the long-run.