Living with pdss my story

My name is “Anonymous” and for the past couple of years I’ve been living with PDSS (Psychiatric Disability Stress Syndrome). This has been a difficult experience for me as it has led to feelings of shame, guilt, and anxiety.

I was first diagnosed with PDSS after going through a particularly rough patch in my life. It’s caused me to have difficulty sleeping at night, and when I do get to sleep, I often wake up in the middle of the night with every thought imaginable running through my mind. To make matters worse, I’m just exhausted all day long from lack of sleep.

Living with PDSS has also affected my ability to stay focused on tasks for any length of time. It feels like I have short bursts of concentration that quickly gets interrupted by racing thoughts or worries that come out of nowhere. This can be incredibly frustrating because it impacts my efficiency while on the job or trying to complete more personal projects.

Having PDSS has definitly changed some aspects of my life, but it’s also taught me a few valuable lessons too; such as how to prioritize what is necessary in life and how to take better care of my mental health. With determination and patience, I know that I will continue to make progress in managing this condition.