Living with ocd - my story

I’ve been living with OCD since I was a young adult. As a child, I had compulsions to count and arrange my belongings in certain ways - but thought it was just a quirk of mine, nothing to be concerned about. It wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I sought help and was diagnosed with OCD.

At first, I put the diagnosis to the back of my mind, thinking that by not acknowledging it, it would just go away. Unfortunately, that didn’t work - as time passed, I found myself increasingly frustrated by the intrusive thoughts and urges of approval or perfectionism that plagued me each day.

Eventually I started seeking professional help from a therapist and psychiatrist dealing with mental health issues. With their support I’m able to manage my OCD symptoms better on a daily basis: understanding what triggers my thoughts and keeping track of them using methods like journaling or expressing myself through art gives me tools to reduce the intensity of those episodes that can leave me exhausted at times.

It’s hard work facing OCD every single day; but taking the steps towards looking after my wellbeing is the only way for me to keep fighting this disorder and reclaiming control from its grip over me.